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Boston Convention Center

In the Fall of 2017 I co-oped at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center creating animated digital content for incoming conventions and local nonprofits to be displayed on the outdoor marquee, indoor video wall, or network of screens throughout the building. Here are some examples of the work I did while I was there.


The outdoor marquee is double-sided and comprised of a lower screen and upper stick portion on each side. This example shows the view from both sides of the marquee. 

Massachusetts Conference for Women was the first convention that I got to design all the content on my own which I was really excited about. They provided us with the images of their speakers, the copy, and this blue hexagonal pattern, but I had the freedom to use the images and animate them however I wanted. For the video wall I ended up using the hexagonal pattern as a sort of tiled wall. Some of the little tiles would fall of revealing the sponsor information.

I took a different approach when it came to animating for the marquee in order to better suit the vertical format. For the marquee I placed the speaker's photos inside some of the hexagons and then zoomed out, rotated, and zoomed back in on the next picture. This animation had to be less fast-paced and a bit more subtle since the marquee is street facing.

My co-op ended right around Christmas time so this was one of the last projects I worked on and probably one of my favorites. In order to celebrate the winter season, I made this little snowman animation using digital illustrations I made in Illustrator. 

All the digitals screens throughout the building run 24/7, so if there wasn't a convention happening at the time, I was able to create animations for fun that would play during that free time. I had learned a watercolor reveal transition from a tutorial that I wanted to try so I used that to create this piece welcoming visitors to Boston. 

This "free time" piece was incredibly

time-consuming but so fun to work on. I drew each individual frame of this woman's silhouette in order to make it look like she was dancing. 

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