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Cheddar is a typeface I created over the course of a semester-long class. Using the book Designing Type by Karen Cheng as a guide, I worked to create and continuously revise a handful of letters each week until the final result was a cohesive set of slab serif letterforms characterized by its high x-height, uniform stroke weight and slightly shouldered curves.

Cheddar Typeface.png


Creating a typeface was far more challenging than I could've imagined. Between my readings of Designing Type and my own trial and error experiences, I realized just how intricate type design truly is. There are many small adjustments that happen from creating one letter to the next in order to make the letterforms appear as though they are all equal in height/weight/etc. Here are some snapshots of that process and progress throughout the semester.

Final Project

Here is the poster of the complete typeface character set. It definitely still has its quirks and I do not think it is a perfectly crafted typeface by any means but I am really happy with it as a first attempt.


This project was so rewarding and really cemented my interest in typography. I will truly never look at type the same and I have such respect for professional type designers. I hope

to be able to work on more type design in the future.

Cheddar Font Broadside_Megan McGuire.png
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