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In the Spring of 2019 I was fortunate enough to intern with some awesome people on the Marshalls Digital Creative team. I learned so much during my time there and had to opportunity to work on all sorts of digital content including Instagram/Facebook ads, emails, Snapchat filters, Instagram stories and posts, Pinterest posts, and even some content for the Mets Jumbotron. I have chosen some of my favorite projects to feature on this page.

TJX Homepage Hero.png

One of my very first projects was animating an Easter ad for Facebook/Instagram. I had worked a lot with After Effects in my previous internship so I was excited to get the opportunity to use those skills again in this position. This is the final version of the animation that went live.

Every month Marshalls put out a new Snapchat filter for their customers to be able to use at certain store locations. Part of my job was to work closely with the copywriters and produce fun, seasonally-relevant filters that our customers would want to engage with. These are examples of some of the proposed filters for May 2019. The filter seen inside the phone is the one that ended up getting chosen.

snapchat filters.png

A large part of my job was helping to brainstorm and come up with concepts for different Facebook/Instagram ads. I often created animations with photos pulled from Pinterest that I edited together in order to fully demonstrate the idea and show most closely what the animation could look like once we updated it with photos from our own shoot. 

The first video is an animation that I concepted and created for one of our summer Facebook/Instagram ads. The idea was really well received and ended up being the direction chosen to move forward with. The other one is the final version that went live.


(To clarify, I did not end up animating the final version. That was another animator's work. But, I wanted to show a side by side comparison of the draft and the final).

Initially, it was not part of my role to work on emails but I had an interest in it and asked if I could work on them as well. Here are a couple of the email designs that I helped to concept and create in my time on the team. 

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